Our September update – where has this year gone? It will soon be time for us to update you at Christmas!!

We have been reading your social media posts and talking to you when you are in the porch and the most asked question is “When will we be fully open?” This same question must be being asked in libraries up and down the country. The simple answer to that question is that we do not know.

We are following The National Recovery Plan for Libraries. This has four phases.

    • Phase 1 – no public access – “Order and Collect”
    • Phase 2 – extremely limited access to the building
    • Phase 3 – public browsing for a limited time – “Grab and Go” – limited entry numbers
    • Phase 4 – wider access – group return

It is impossible to put a timescale on this Recovery Plan. Phase 1 – “Order & Collect” will be with us for the foreseeable future. The only thing we are certain of is that life is full of uncertainty during these strange times. We can only follow Government guidance and hope that one day we will be back to something like normal. We are really sorry that we cannot be more specific on timings. We also do not want to raise your hopes, only for them to be dashed if Covid 19 does not allow us to progress.


“Order and Collect”

Thank you for your continued support with Phase 1 of our partial re opening. It has been lovely to see you and talk with you again. Please don’t forget to use us – with dark nights drawing in (as they say) you might want to curl up with a good book in front of a warm fire, with the beverage of your choice. What could be better than that?


A reminder of how “Order and Collect” works

Order your books online, via The Tottington Centre website. The whole of the Library catalogue list is online, together with an online order form.

The website address is: www.tottingtoncentre.co.uk.

Another option for ordering books is to pick up a paper order form and return it by email to: orders@tottingtoncentre.co.uk.  Or return it to the box on our porch.


A new service for “Order and Collect”

We are also aware that some of our members and supporters do not use the Internet and will not be able to access our catalogues online.

From September 28th we will be able to print off a selection of our catalogues for you to take away and read the printed lists at your leisure. For this we will have to make a charge. The price list below covers printing costs and any contribution to these costs will be greatly appreciated. We cannot give change, so just give what change you have when you come to pick up your catalogue list. A poster displaying these prices is displayed in the porch. A collection box for your donations is also in the porch.


Catalogue Lists and Prices

  • Annuals/Graphic Novels 40p
  • Biography 60p
  • Board Books   40p
  • Classics 20p
  • Crime 60p
  • First Facts 40p
  • Historical fiction 70p
  • Horror 20p
  • Junior Fiction 90p
  • Large Print 60p
  • Picture Books 70p
  • Romance 80p
  • Science Fiction 20p
  • Study Guides   50p
  • Talking Books 30p
  • Teen Fiction 90p
  • Younger Readers 40p
  • Thrillers  40p

You can print off the Catalogue List Order form attached with this email and return it by hand to the box in our porch during opening hours, or you can download and save this order form and return by email to: orders@tottingtoncentre.co.uk. You will also be able to pick up copies of the order form. Look out for the box in our porch.

Or if you would like email copies of the Catalogue Lists, contact us by phone or email with your name/membership number/email address. We can then send out the lists via email with no paper sanitising to do and at no cost to you or us. Simples! As the advert goes.


Opening Times:

Our pre-booked collection opening times are:

  • Monday: 2-5pm
  • Wednesday: 2-5pm
  • Thursday: 2-5pm
  • Saturday: 10.30 – 12 noon


Returning Books:

We are delighted with the returns. Our shelves are overflowing! Thank you for returning your books.

Reminders are sent out automatically – so if you still have a book on loan you will receive this reminder.

All returned books will be quarantined for 72 hours before becoming  available for loan once again.

Please place books in the Returns Box in the porch.


Borrowing Books:

You can still borrow up to 6 books for 3 weeks at a time.


New Members:

New members wanting to join will need to fill in a membership form, available from our porch and bring proof of ID. If you would like to pay the £2.50 membership fee, pop your money into the collection box in the porch – sorry we cannot give change as we are not handling cash. Or visit our just giving page. The link is at the end of this email.


No Public Access to the building:

Following Government guidance, the building will remain closed to the public: meeting rooms will remain out of use; there is no access to our computers or printing and photocopying.

The Tea Room will also remain closed. However, Kelly-Ann has a delivery service.

Kelly-ann@bloominkitchen.com  or  phone: 0797 101 2204. Contact her to be added to her Menu Mailing list.


Health and Safety:

We have carried out a Risk Assessment. The Health and Safety of our volunteers and members is paramount. Social distancing and hygiene measures are in place for us as volunteers.

You will see social distancing measures in place when you are ordering or collecting your books. All books are quarantined for 72 hours and all paper for 24 hours. We wash and sanitise our hands all the time so everything we handle has been sanitised.

We hope that you will continue to support us in this strange new world we find ourselves in and we look forward to serving you and seeing you again – albeit through glass and in a socially distanced way. Come in and wave to us through the porch doors! Keep us busy – order masses of books!

For further information or assistance please contact us during our new opening times. When we are not open, volunteers will not be in The Tottington  Centre to respond to phone calls or emails.


Contact us:

Phone: 07902671040
Email: info@tottingtoncentre.co.uk


Opening Times:

Our pre-booked collection opening times are:

  • Monday: 2-5pm
  • Wednesday: 2-5pm
  • Thursday: 2-5pm
  • Saturday: 10.30 – 12 noon


Porch Boxes

We are proud to continue to be able to support Porch Boxes. Seems appropriate that our library is now in a porch too!!

Times have been challenging for us here at The Tottington Centre as we have not been able to organise our usual fundraising events, but we still feel that we should support this charity. One charity helping another through tough times. We are part of the community and want to be able to give something back.


Can you help?

When you collect or return books, there will be a box in the porch for donations to Porch Boxes.


A date for your diary.

  • Saturday October 3, from 10 – 11am: on The Tottington Centre car park, in conjunction with Tottington Methodist Church, there will be a manned Harvest Festival collection for Porch Boxes.